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Give Your Carpet New Life with Clarlyle’s Carpeting Stretching Services

Carpet StretchingMany people think that carpet has a short lifespan, but the fact is that carpet can last many years if properly installed and taken care of. Some of the most common problems we encounter with old or poorly installed carpets are rolls, ripples, and bulges that create tripping hazards and unattractive deformations on your floor. Fortunately, we know just how to fix this common issue at a very affordable cost.

The Ideal Installation

Carpeting should ideally experience a uniform tension across its entire surface. To achieve this effect, we use a number of tools including power stretchers and knee kickers. As the most trusted name in Kerrville flooring repairs for more than 50 years, Clarlyle’s team of installers will stretch your carpet properly the first time so you’ll be able to enjoy many more years of use out of your floor.

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